Purchased two - eight pattern water nozzles and they were guaranteed not to leak and comes with a lifetime warranty. I had them both for less than a year and they both leak. I sent numerous emails and each one of them came back with replies stating they would get back within 48 hours… NEVER HAPPENED!!!

If you try calling any of their customer service numbers you will get a reply that their mail box is full try again at another time – Gee! I wonder why that is!!!

I purchased them at my local ACE Hardware store and I called them to let them know what I was dealing with and they were much surprised with the experience I was having. Ace Hardware requested that I would immediately return them to the store for a full refund, note the return on their corporate network and they would return them to Ray Padula for a refund.

Well I'm satisfied with how Ace Hardware responded, but I'm not quite confident anything will become of this! One thing for sure though, I won't be purchasing anything else with Ray Padula's name on it!

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I purchased o ray padula hose with a lifetime warranty too. After about 3 months it has a serious kink and has sprung a leak.

I am just now attempting to check out the warranty. Kmart told me to contact the company directly.I hope I don't get trouble too.I thought the no kink technology would work, but it is not that good.

The kink even happened about 20 ft from the faucet, and that part of the hose is always straight, so you would think it would not kink there. I may try the no kink hoses an inventor advertises on tv next time.

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I purchased a split hose faucet connector, at K-Mart this summer and wanted to buy more. However K-Mart was sold out.

I went to this site and tried to call different departments and each said that all the mail boxes were full. What kind of an outfit are you running there ???? There is no excuse for this type of business located in NY. or any other state to include Chine.

I have left several voice messages and you always say the mal box is full. If you cannot run a business properly then get out, and letr a more efficent company "Get Er Done" :( :(


I completely agree. After buying and loving one of these nozzles, I bought two more.

They're very unique and I loved them more than any other hose nozzle I'd used (and still do). One of them broke three weeks ago. Their Web site gives an email contact for warranty issues and states they'll contact you within 24-48 hours. I sent an email to customer support, then two weeks went by and I realized I'd gotten no response.

I then emailed their sales email address. Again no response. Until today, I hadn't been able to call during their working hours. Well, I just called and went through their voice menu, hoping to speak with someone or at least be able to leave a message, only to hear the recording state their voicemail is full.

So...great product, until it breaks, then there is NO customer support or response.

The warranty is a sham. I'll never buy one of their products again and am so glad I didn't buy anything else from them.

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