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Hi Ray,

Below is the text of an email I sent to you on June 25, 2012 2:25:25 PM EDT. I've had no response, which is disappointing, since I had high hopes that THIS guarantee was REAL. Perhaps I was being naive, since you ask the unhappy customer to email OR phone -- but leave no phone number. I'm presently searching your web site; If I find one I will call, and the call might reach you before this email.

One more thing: The package says that you'll repair or replace, no questions asked. Repair seems to suggest that the customer ship the defective Pulse. If this is the case, it's really no guarantee at all, since we're talking about a 5 buck item that would likely cost more to ship than it's worth.

Andy Schreffler

P.S. In searching for your web site I came across "Ray Padula Cmplaints." They

On 7/14/11 I bought two of your Pulse sprinklers, RP-PPZS at a local K-Mart. I have been quite pleased with their performance, especially the control I have over where the water falls. So I'd say this model is definitely a winner.

However, yesterday one of the sprinklers began to cycle 360 degrees. I discovered that one of the plastic stops had broken, leaving no way to control the pattern.

Please replace this item.

Andrew Schreffler 215 Mt.Vernon DriveApollo, PA 15613


P.S. I notice that for guarantee purposes I am invited to call OR email; however I find no phone number on the package. Please correct this.

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Save yourself some time and chalk it up to a bad purchase. This company simply won't respond.

They are running one of the biggest warranty scams around. They offer a warranty but you have no way to collect because they will just continue to ignore any attempt to contact them. How many legit companies have a phone service that won't even take a message?

I don't understand why the NY Attorney General doesn't go after them for false advertising. Most likely because not enough consumers will take the time to file a formal complaint on a $5 to $20 purchase.

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