On 01/25/2010 I purchased online from Ray Padula a water wand with an 8-year guarantee. This was the second wand I've purchased.

Both started leaking during one year. Now I have to find something in which to package the newest want and pay postage for return. (I just threw the first one away thinking it was just a lemon and didn't want to go through the hassel of returning it.) I called the number listed on the Ray Padula card to which the wand was attached. I reached Meijer, the manufacturer and was told it had only a 90-day warrantee and that I should contact Ray Padula for which I had no number; no number for Ray Padula was listed on the card.

She gave me a number; I called and got a full voice mail.

She also gave me a web site and now I will contact Ray Padula and cross my fingers. It shouldn't be so hard to get information about returning a defective product.

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Just called customer "support" at Padula (866-446-2063). Phone tree took me to a voice message box that was full.

I am contacting the New York Better Business Bureau with my complaint, and I encourage others to do this, too!

I am also going back to the store to speak with the clerk who recommended this product. Padula product?? Never again. False advertising - not "green", no "lifetime guarantee", no customer support responding promptly to calls.

A lousy corporate rip-off. This is the kind of thing that makes me want to look for a European product, preferably German.


I also bought the Comfi-rain (supposedly "high end" Ray Padula water wand from a local garden store about 6 weeks ago. I have used it every day and it has worked fairly well. Then suddenly, this a.m. it sprung a major leak in the plastic connector between the shower head and the aluminum pipe :cry

Padula sells his products as "Green". Hardly, if his products are so defective people are throwing them away every year.

I have not contacted customer service yet, but will be back with their tel. number and the response I got. I am hoping they will exchange, but the above post makes me think I can't count on anything.

If others are seeing this junk break down and are also getting lousy customer service, I hope they will contact the Better Business Bureau -- or at least alert fellow gardeners not to buy from Padula.


Yeah right. I had been in contact with the company beginning of this year stating bout a defective product.

I was told they would send a new one out as a replacement. Called a second time when after a month had gone by. They say they were backlogged and would send out one asap. Well here it is 12/1/10 and still no replacement.

Well you know what?

The company is *** for customer service. They got my money for the first time, but never again.

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